I am going to share with you a little about why I wanted to d this giveaway!  Well first off not only do Kaitlyn & I LOVE the Quinn family a lot & want nothing more for them then to have sweet Auttie home.  But Ashley also shared with us that the will be traveling in 2-3 months & need $10,000 before then!  So we wanted to help pay the ransom for their daughter & get her home!  We are praying that God will bless this giveaway & help pay the ransom for Auttie <3

You will enter the giveaway by donating the cost of entrees to the "Chip-In" on the side of the page.  All of the proceeds made through this will go to the Quinn Family to help with the cost of their adoption!   If you are not interested in any of the prizes but wish to give anyways you may do so!  Just email me @ & let me know that you gave to the Quinn family but do not want any of the prizes! A HUGE thank you to all of the lovely people that have decided to donate items to this giveaway! I really appreciated it & I know that Quinns will too!

Entree Fees
$5-1 entree
$10-5 entrees
$20-10 entrees
Or!  You can get a free entree by sharing this giveaway on Facebook!  Just email us & let us know that you shared it on Facebook! :)
The prizes you can enter to win! :D

A Little Lovie Blanket!  Small enough so that your little boy can carry it with him where ever he goes!

A $15 dollar gift card to Starbucks!  

A Handmade Bottle Cap necklace!  Winner will get to pick one of there pictures to have put in the necklace! She can do a color photo too! :)

A $25 Silpada Gift Certificate! You can check out the website HERE!

& Yet another $25 Silpada Gift Certificate!

Brand new never worn real gold necklace!